Perimeter InSite is a platform where technology unites with physical security at the perimeter.  Through this initiative, VScenario brings together the industry’s leading design technologies to provide a virtual build, displaying accuracy that constructs a flawless perimeter security experience.


VSenario design process combines high-resolution photographic data of a site with BIM (Building Information Modeling) software to develop highly accurate, virtual design and construction models. 

These models allow for the design and build of a project in a virtual environment, ultimately eliminating issues prior to construction that could create cost or schedule delays.

This design process is highly efficient and accurate and allows owners to quickly analyze different scenarios in terms of cost, quality, and schedule.



Every project has its obstacles, which is why VScenario has put together complete technology services toolkit that helps solve architecture, engineering and construction problems before they happen. Utilizing reality capture in a pre-design phase allows for highly specialized engineers to analyze data in real-time and act on insight rather than intuition. The end result, a technology based solution that saves project dollars.

Reality Capture

Using VScenario's reality capture process we are able to gain a 360° view of your project landscape, identify pain points and feed data back in faster than traditional methods. Drone imaging, laser scanning, and point cloud data technology combine to give you immediate visibility into your project and stay ahead of the curve.

360 Virtual View

Virtual reality is a game changer in the speed and efficiency with which your construction projects goes from start to finish. As data is collected from the reality capture process you’ ll be able to get a clear view of the landscape allowing you to identify potential issues around the work zone.

BIM Experts

The successful deployment of a project relies on the ability to digitally represent physical and functional characteristics of the structure. VScenario is an expert in BIM creation and BIM consulting services to guarantee successful project planning.