Perimeter InSite is a partnership with companies whose technologies work in unison with Ameristar’s physical security products. These partners have proven through testing and/or project collaboration that their systems provide the best solution when paired with Ameristar’s perimeter security platform.

Perimeter Security Experience

Ameristar’s Perimeter InSite partners have the opportunity to demonstrate their products within a perimeter security environment located at Ameristar Headquarters.  This product showcase is equipped with various perimeter fence solutions, each uniquely designed to fit a specific vertical market.  Designed to emulate specific scenarios this area has fully functioning barriers, bollards, gate automation, access controls, technology poles, and security booth.

Coined the Perimeter Security Experience, this showcase of products is just one aspect of the environment provided to our Partners.  Perimeter InSite Partners can also take advantage of the newly renovated lobby and a conference room that lead to the Perimeter Security Experience.  One of the key benefits to this environment is the sudden insight customers receive when they see all these technologies working in unison to provide a complete perimeter security solution.

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Ameristar’s Perimeter InSite Team is experienced in every facet of perimeter security design. Our goal is to assist customers in finding the best perimeter & entry solutions for their projects.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding Perimeter InSite please submit your request using the adjacent form or call us at the below toll-free number.

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